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I have install DSS 4.0 via VirtualBox on Windows 10 but i can not access to on my browser (I try on Firefox and Chrome).

I follow all the instruction here : http://answers.dataiku.com/975/invalid-request and everything is ok.

When I test the last tips (open the adress of dss In chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + J) have this error message : GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Nothing happen in the network tab.

Do you know what is the problem ?

Thanks in advance for your answer. 

NB : I already had access to DSS when I had DSS 2.0 and it worked perfectly. 



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Did you check the output of 'dss/bin/dss status'?

If everything is good, it might be a network problem between your host system and the VM.
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