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I have a dataset representing transactions for all the products.

I would like to perform a loop for on product in a python notebook for loading the transaction for this product, then perform analysis and write the results in a dataset.

How can I load only a partition of my dataset from a python Notebook ?

Thanks in advance
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I assume you use the get_dataframe() method and then work with a pandas dataframe. (Let me know if you do something different).

Here is what you can do:

1) Get only a sample of a dataset with my_dataset.get_dataframe(sampling='head', limit=10000)

2) Load the dataset by chunks with my_dataser.iter_dataframes(chunksize=10000)

my_dataset = dataiku.Dataset("name_dataset")
for partial_dataframe in my_dataset.iter_dataframes(chunksize=10000):
    # Insert here applicative logic on each partial dataframe.

You can read more in the documentation.

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