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I tried to upload a csv which had a size of 17Go but it didn't work
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There is no limit enforced by Dataiku DSS. Some common problems causing this symptom include a full disk, a connection timeout, a reverse proxy in front of Dataiku DSS that enforces a limit.

Compressing your CSV (using gzip) may help mitigate the issue.

If you are a Dataiku customer, I suggest you send us a support ticket for additional help.
I have the same problem. I am trying to upload a 9GB CSV file, the file appears to read, but a few seconds after the meter finishes, it says "no file yet".
The computer have 16GB or RAM and 45GB of disk available.
What can be the problem, RAM?
I would need more details on your setup to answer this properly, for example some reverse-proxy, generally set up by your system administrator / IT department, can limit the files sent to DSS.

Can you check on the "Network" tab of your browser's element inspecter if you see a call named "add-file" that fails? If so, there is a known bug that prevents DSS from showing an error in this case, this will be fixed in the next release of DSS.
Yes, there is a network error:
Failed to load resource: The network connection was lost.
but this is a local file in a personal macbook pro, running MacOSSierra.
Can I make any configuration change to allow me to use this file?
You can add a Filesystem Connection (in Administration > Connections) pointing to some directory on your Mac. Then place the file in [a subfolder of] this directory, and create a Dataset of type Filesystem, using that connection, and browse to the file in question.
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