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How can I delete Data Science Studio application and all the settings file on Mac OS X?
I want to start with a new fresh install.

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In a normal installation of DSS on Mac OS X, two folders would be used:

  • /Applications/DataScienceStudio.app : it is the Data Science Studio application
  • ~/Library/DataScienceStudio : it is where DSS installs your settings, managed datasets, logs... (read more about the DATADIR)

Here is the clean uninstall process step-by-step:

  • Make sure that DSS is stopped
  • Open Finder, open the Applications folder.
  • Find DataScienceStudio and delete it.
  • Open Finder again, option-click the Go menu, hold down the Option key (alt key), click on Library.
  • Find DataScienceStudio and delete it.

To reinstall DSS from scratch, you can now download the DMG file on www.dataiku.com

FYI: on MacOS Sierra this is now SHIFT instead of Options/ALT.
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