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I am trying out DSS on my MacBook Pro and am only able to access a maximum of 10,000 rows. I am not sure if this is just the chunk size display limit or if my actual database is being limited to 10,000 row.

When I use the Virtual Box method on Windows I don't encounter this problem. I am trying out the free 2 week enterprise trial to see if that would help. So far no luck.

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When you explore/visualize a dataset, it is on a sampling. By default, the first 30,000 records of your dataset are selected for the sample. You can change that. More about sampling in the doc and in the 101 tutorial.

Since DSS 2.3, the Free Edition (or Community Edition) is no longer limited by the number of rows (100,000 rows before).

So all that does not really explain your 10,000 rows limit. How what type of connection your dataset is on?


I'm getting the same problem as John. I'm using the most recent copy of the docker image and have a limit of 10000 rows when using Avro and CSV. Anyone else figure out how to fix this?
Hi mniehe. Are you sure this is not due to the sample size? Can you please double check? This is now 10,000 rows by default.
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