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I don't get how to "access" the different partitions dataiku created. I've got the dataset partions (see picture) which is divided by in my case station_uuid, but in the resulting dataset this column is missing. It also looks like there are different folders created. How can I access the partitions separately?







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When you open and see a dataset, you can configure the sampling to display only one partition.

  • On a dataset explore, click "Configure sample"
  • In "Use partitions", choose "select partitions"
  • In "partitions", select or enter the value of the partition you want to explore
Thanks a lot!
One more question: Now I would like to run a recipe on all of the partitions (clean forecast recipe). A colleague of yours recommended a variable. So I created a variable called uuid_list, which contains all the partitions separated by a "/".  But I don't get how to use this now (see picture with the error above). Is there any other solution which helps me to apply the recipe to each of the partitions?
Sorry the picture was missing
Variable expansion works when using the Build/Train steps in scenarios, not in recipes.
Ok so it's not possible to apply a recipe to all partitions simultaneously?
You have two ways to do it today:

1) You list the partitions in the "Recipe run options" (without using a variable). Note that your browser will remember the previously entered value.
2) You build your flow/recipes using a scenario (and you can use a manual trigger).

I noted your interest in the variable expansion system in the "Recipe run options".
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