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I'm trying to read a 42MB csv file with a python recipe but I get the following error:
 <class 'urllib3.exceptions.ProtocolError'>: Connection broken: IncompleteRead(0 bytes read, 2 more expected)

Can someone help please?

Thank you,


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The error means that the connection was broken while Python was reading data. It could be a timing issue (your code takes too long to read the data and the server on the other end cut the connection because it has been established for too long).

If you are reading the csv file over http, are you able to read it with a wget command or a browser?

Could you share your code here?
I imported the csv file in dataiku datasets and tried to read it with dataiku.Dataset("df").get_dataframe()

If I try it in a flow of recipes where I make operations on other large datasets, I get the IncompleteRead Error, however, if it's done separately (outside the flow), it works.

But I need to do it in the flow.
Does it work in a notebook in DSS? (When you edit a recipe, you have a button to edit it in a notebook).
Otherwise, the best way to solve your problem is to contact Dataiku support.
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