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I am still a newb at DataIku.

Here's my issue. I am moving a data transformation from Tableau Prep to DataIku. The data source we are using has yet to be transferred to the cloud, so we are working from three .csv extracts. The extracts are run 3 times a week and stored on a share drive. Therefore, I need to update the flow with the new data three times a week.


I cannot find a way for DataIku to do that without destroying the flow. Is this possible? If not, why?

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You can go in the settings of the uploaded datasets and upload your new data files, then you can rerun the Flow. Would that work ?
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You can put your files in a Managed Folder, or define a Managed Folder in the flow that points to [a mount of] your shared directory.

You can then define a "Files in Folder" dataset over that Managed Folder, that reads the files in said Managed Folder.
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