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I created a new plugin, and when I try to use the custom recipe, after choosing my input and clicking on "create" I have this red message "An invalid argument has been encountered : Recipe has no name". Could you please help me ?


Christophe Haikal

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This message usually appears when your plugin recipe does not have an output. Is that your case ? If not can you give me more details about the input/output in your plugin.json file ?


Yes it is my case, is having an output mandatory ? Because I do not need one.

Indeed, DSS should not let you create a plugin recipe  without output. Having an output is part of the concept of recipe in DSS. Even if your recipe doesn't actually write to the output, its existence is still needed to track changes and rebuilds.

If you don't want to have outputs on your recipe, maybe you should consider other types of plugin components, like for example the Macro one.
Thank you Duphan for your quick reply,
Concerning the plugin, is it possible to print something in it ? ( in case of error for example)
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