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Essentially need to "slide" fields to the left on certain rows.  For example, would like

info.izatcloud.net CNAME d339cgtc8rkl09.cloudfront.net A A A A,CNAME,d339cgtc8rkl09.cloudfront.net,A,,A,,A,,A,,,,,,,,,,,

to become


Thanks for your suggestions!
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Hi mikerjohnson,

You can use a Prepararion Recipe and there add a Find and replace module. You can also use regular expresion, for example:

Replace: "info.izatcloud.net([A-Za-z0-9_-]*) A " (without "")

By: "info.izatcloud.net A "

Don't forget to change Matching mode to Regular Expresion and if you want to "slide" to the left, maybe is a good idea to use the checkbox "Only perform the first matching replacement" in order to avoid possible errors.
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