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When a model is trained there is a way to investigate its performance and some specific metrics, such as the ROC curve and Confusion matrix.

In the case of the ROC curve there is a way to export the underlying data – the “EXPORT DATA” button (see below).

But for Confusion matrix I can’t find a way to export the underlying data, no "EXPORT DATA" button or anything like that.

Is there a simple way to export the Confusion matrix data? 

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Hi David,

I think that the only way is by publishing to a dashboard ("Publish" blue button at top bar).
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Hi Alan,

Thank you for the quick response. I published (well, first deployed and then published) to a dashboard. I don't see any obvious ways to export data here, either. Now even the ROC curve doesn't have an "EXPORT DATA" button.
In 5.1 you can export to PDF or image:

You can create a scenario an set as step the train of the model and in a second step the export of the dashboard, with that you can execute once and get training and export of the confusion matrix :)
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