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Hi All,

I'm trying to create a MS SQL server connection and end up with following error. Can someone please help me to fix this error.

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You need to download and instal the JDBC driver as explained here:

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Thanks for the quick reply Stenac. I followed all the steps provided in that link already but still no luck.

Can we connect to MS SQL server with 2 weeks trail version license?
Hi, yes you can connect with the trial license.

Have you checked that in the "lib/jdbc" subfolder of the DSS datadir, you now have a "mssql-something.jar" ? Have you restarted DSS after adding it ? Is the error message exactly the same ? Can you attach a screenshot of both the error and the contents (ls -l) of lib/jdbc?
Thanks a lot Stenac. My bad, I copied the files into DataIKU/dataiku-dss-5.1.4/lib/jdbc instead of DataIKU/DATA_DIR/lib/jdbc path. Now I moved it to correct path and it's working fine.
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