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After create my connection with sucess to my postgresql database.

I've the following error when I import my table in my project :

An invalid argument has been encountered : Invalid number of columns in query (2, expected 0) SELECT * FROM "public"."ape_ref" LIMIT 10000. Please check dataset schema

Could you explain me the reason of this error ?
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If you create a new dataset (postgresql in my case) with just filling fields and click on CREATE button

The error "Invalid number of columns in query" appear

The reason of the problem is your dataiku schema is empty.

To correct this one, click on CHECK DATA button and RELOAD SCHEMA USING DETECTED DATA button

Now, you can use your dataset after you push CREATE button :)

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Can you try the following: go to your table, then Settings -> Schema -> Reload schema from table


Du Phan

Thanks it's works now
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