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Hi, I tried to train a model using code env of python3 and sklearn, but it failed with 

ImportError: cannot import name 'logsumexp'

So, is the python3 supported for training?


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This seems to be a problem related to sklearn. Can you tell me the sklearn version in your code-env and what function you are using cause this error ?

I created this Code Env in portal based on python3.6 and chose "Visual Michine Learning" as additional packages.

Version of sklearn is  0.20.3, and this error occured when I train the models of Ridge regression, SVM and Random forest( all three models that I tried).

The log indicated that the import error was caused when scipy.misc tried to import logsumexp.

I guess it might be caused by the version of scipy in sklearn, which is 1.3.0

I solved this by adding scipy==1.1.0 in additional packages to overwrite the scipy installed by sklearn
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