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Can DataIku connect to Clickhouse database, if no is it in the roadmap ?

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Hi Stephane,

Dataiku can connect to Clickhouse as a generic Database but does not support this Database as Clickhouse features a specific SQL language.

So while, you might be able to read/write data from this database, you will have to rely mainly on handwritten queries (SQL queries recipes) and accept some poor performance on large tables as DSS will connect to Clickhouse over an HTTP connection (unlike clickhouse-client).

Here is what I did to connect to Clickhouse:

- Download Clickhouse JDBC driver ( from maven:

- Copy the file into <DSS HOME>/lib/jdbc

- Restart DSS

- Create a new connection of type "Other SQL Database" and fill Basic params section 

- JDBC driver class:

- JDBC URL: jdbc:clickhouse://<host>:<port>[/<database>] (in my case: jdbc:clickhouse://localhost:8123)

Hope this helps,
Arnaud - Dataiku



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