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So i've completed all the image classification deep learning tutorials at Now, i want to work with VGGface because my data are exclusively face pictures. However the Keras VGGFace repo only works with Keras 2.1.1. If i try to use the repo with an updated keras i'll get "ImportError: cannot import name '_obtain_input_shape'". Any work arounds for these kind of problems? 


Thanks in advance, 

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Hi Benoni, 

You can create an environment in DSS with the required version of Keras, in order for the dependencies to work.

Then, the snippet as per their documentation works inside a notebook or Python script setup on the environment.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks! I was trying with keras_vggface only and had keras related problems. Never thought of adding keras==2.1.1 there :)
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Hi there :)

I think this SO thread can help,, you can probably amend the code of the file "keras_vggface/" of the library you are importing to solve your problem.

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