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Hey guys,

I asked my original question here but i think you got me wrong:


I have a valid certificate and the server accepting HTTPS connections at port 11200. If i redirect HTTP connections from 80 to 11200 directly the DSS will refuse to connect because its not accepting non-secure connections as expected. I want DSS to return 301 and redirect to HTTPS at port 11200 when a client connects from port 80/http. 

Should i still setup a reverse proxy? Did i get the answer wrong?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the spam. Love you guys. 

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Let me describe 2 standard installations. You can opt for one of the two.

1) Use a reverse proxy to have HTTPS on 443

  • You install Dataiku DSS on for example port 11200 (and you don't change anything, it is HTTP)
  • You set-up a reverse proxy on port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) that ensure HTTPS is used and forward trafic to 11200
  • You configure your firewall to accept connections only on ports 80 and 443 (not on port 11200)

2) Configure HTTPS on Dataiku DSS port (11200 for example)

You can configure a certificate in the install.ini file.

I hope this helps.


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I actually have the certificate configured in install.ini. Yet i cant accept connections from port 80 and  DSS doesn't redirect them. Is there anyway i can get in contact with you? I have a bunch of other problems with the platform. (All in all great software though)
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