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$ hadoop version Hadoop 3.1.2

Source code repository https://github.com/apache/hadoop.git -r 1019dde65bcf12e05ef48ac71e84550d589e5d9a

Compiled by sunilg on 2019-01-29T01:39Z

Compiled with protoc 2.5.0 From source with checksum 64b8bdd4ca6e77cce75a93eb09ab2a9

This command was run using /usr/local/hadoop/share/hadoop/common/hadoop-common-3.1.2.jar


I receive this error shortly after the recipe starts:

parquet/io/api/RecordConsumer, caused by: ClassNotFoundException: parquet.io.api.RecordConsumer


Looks like Java cant find the RecordConsumer.class or .jar file. Any ideas how to fix this?



1. Locate your env-hadoop.sh in DATA_DIR

2. Sudo nano env-hadoop.sh

3. find line "export DKU_HADOOP_CP="

4. add 


5. Restart DSS

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Dataiku does not support "home made" Hadoop distributions.

You may have some success by editing the "bin/env-hadoop.sh" file, locating the "DKU_HIVE_CP" line, and adding at the end (within the quotes):


Then restart DSS

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Thanks for the answer however i can't find the "DKU_HIVE_CP" line you mention. You can find my hadoop-env.sh here:

Figured you're talking about the DATADIR/bin later on. Ignore my question. Thanks for the help.
Tested it and it works. Thanks. Btw i added it to DKU_HADOOP_CP not DKU_HIVE_CP.
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