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The DSS allows to define a recipe type or tag based limits globally https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/flow/limits.html.

However I dont know how to set it per engine, so for example I would like to set a limit to run at most 10 impala queries and 10 spark jobs at the time, in total at most 20 jobs. But if the scenario is building spark only flow, I want to keep the 10 limit, and vice versa if the flow is pure Impala, I want to keep 10 limit for Impala.

Impala - total 10

Spark - total 10

Global - 20 (or unlimited?)

Is it possible to define it in "Additional limits" section?

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DSS does not have feature to limit activities per engine type.
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If it is not very complicated to implement, then +1 for this feature. Thanks
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