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I'm searching a solution to connect the customer activity table to my customer profil table.

I tried the function join and group without success. DSS created new row in my customer profile table 

If someone has a tip to connect my timeseries I'm interested :)


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You're definitely looking for the "Join" recipe.

* Add first your "time series" dataset
* Then add your "profile" dataset
* Select customer id as the join key
* In the columns selection, select all columns from the time series table and the additional columns that you want from the profile

Assuming that there are no duplicates in your "profile", a regular ("inner") join will work.

The output will contain one record per record in the "time series" dataset, with added customer profile info.

Hope this helps,
Thank you very much Clement. I'll try it :). Now i'm gonna try to group by customer Id in my output table.
Well, don't work, i think i need to transpose from a Multiple-Rows-per-Subject(customer id) Data Set to a One-Row-per-Subject(customer id) Data Set. I need to invest in a ETL ^^
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