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Hi, I wonder if the development roadmap will ever allow for some basic syntax checking/highlighting in the code editor? I realise a full online IDE might be out of the question, but something like checks for PEP8 compliance would be really beneficial.

Could something like PEP8 be added as a validation step?

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This is in our backlog, we'll record your interest.

Well, in the meantime, is it possible at all to install the 'dataiku' package so I can have access to the methods from a local IDE? It does not show up in pip, except for dataiku-api-client (which does not have the bindings I need).
Hi, You can use: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/python-api/outside-usage.html#installing-the-package to install the dataiku package from outside DSS.
FYI, this doesn't give you the full API, as several modules are missing from the zip (such as spark). I found a way to get them, but it's a little hacky, and involves uncompiling, and manually copying files back from the dataiku installation directory to my local machine.

I just wish you guys took this way of working more seriously. Doing proper code development in a browser just isn't practical for some things.
Hi, Which modules are missing for your usage specifically? I can relay your need to our R&D team.
Following your instructions linked above, you can see a clear difference in accessible modules between those available on the server, and if you try and install locally:

ls /opt/dataiku-dss-5.1.1/python/dataiku:
apinode    container     customstep     doctor      __init__.py   notebook     spark
base       core          customtrigger  dsscli      __init__.pyc  __pycache__  sql
cluster    customformat  customui       exporter    insights      runnables    webapps
connector  customrecipe  customwebapp   fsprovider  metric        scenario

compare that with:
ls dataiku-internal-client-5.1.0/dataiku/
__init__.py    base        core        insights
And guys... please support reasonable markup so we can actually format code snippets and the like. Only supporting raw text for a Q&A field is a bit basic...!
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