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I upgraded DSS from 5.0.4 to 5.1.1, and now I'm getting the error shown below for any Python formula in a Prepare recipe that returns a row or rows. Even the default code returns the error. Standalone Python recipes, as well as formulas in Prepare recipes that only return a cell, work just fine. I have updated the Python code environment as indicated by the upgrade instructions, and I have tried changing the project's code environment (including using the DSS's builtin environment option).

Any ideas? If I don't resolve this soon I'll have to try rolling back to 5.0.4.


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Can you use the chat on our website and then the run/backend.log file ?

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Thanks for the help via chat! Issue was not from the upgrade, but from unicode (non-ascii) someone getting into the data. Adding a "Perform unicode_encode on all columns" step before the Python step took care of it. I'll have to come back to it later to find where the unicode came from.
Just to add, though, there is something at least that changed with the upgrade, as it's happening in places where the input data to the recipe definitely did not change. Adding a "Perform unicode_encode on all columns" still provides a stopgap fix.
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