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I would like to use a Project Variable to explicity state which partition of a recipe I would like to run.  See the attached  screenshot - I used the variable expansion syntax but DSS did not interpret it correctly.  Is there a way to do this?


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Hi, Indeed the syntax for referencing variables in the partition screen is ${myVariable}. Have you checked that the variable is actually defined? Cheers, Alexandre
Yes, I have checked that the Project Variable is defined - it appears in the Project Variables and in the Variables section of the Python recipe that I am trying to run.  However, when I attempt to build the dataset, it appears that it is trying to build against the partition "${current_month}" rather than "2019-01", which is what the variable points to:

compute_partitioned_output (${current_month})

I also get the following error after launching the dataset build:

Error in Python process: At line 8: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: No JSON object could be decoded
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