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I would like to know when coloring a map (scatter map for example) if it's possible to color all the linestring and not only the centroid of the linestring ?

In my case I would like to :

  • color the line between the 2 coordinates : LINESTRING(-74.008325 40.703813,-74.0084084 40.7038846) 
  • but the tool is coloring only the dote in the middle : POINT (-74.0083667 40.7038488) .


Thank you.



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Hi (a long time after!)

This is not possible using the built-in visualization tool of DSS which only handles points.

However, if you are OK with a bit of coding, you can build custom visualizations using our webapp designer: see the final section of https://www.dataiku.com/learn/guide/quickstart/visualization.html
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