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Hi there,

just wanted to update my R version for Dataiku running in docker. My approach was to follow the standard instructions given here: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/installation/r.html

Unfortunately, the /bin/dss stop command on the docker system (exec'd into docker) already gave DSS supervisor is not running back.

How can I stop the DSS backend in a docker container in order to properly update the R version? Or is there an alternative approach?




Have you already found a solution to this problem? I can't seem to find where I have to edit the Dockerfile to adapt the R version

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We would recommend that you build your own Docker image.

Our image is built using these tools: https://github.com/dataiku/dataiku-tools/tree/master/dss-docker - You should be able to edit the Dockerfile to put your own R version instead
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