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Whilst exporting to PowerBI for the first time, I got this error.
Anyone experience with the error below?

Looking for Power BI datasets with similar names...

ERROR [-] Error while creating your Power BI dataset.

ERROR [-] Azure response:


    "Message": "An error has occurred."


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/Applications/DataScienceStudio.app/Contents/Resources/kit/python/dataiku/exporter/server.py", line 106, in serve

    row_count = export_rows(exporter, command["exportBehavior"], command["schema"], input, command.get("destinationFilePath", None))

  File "/Applications/DataScienceStudio.app/Contents/Resources/kit/python/dataiku/exporter/server.py", line 31, in export_rows


  File "/var/folders/k8/jbnml6rd43g6_3m16qrz1jxm0000gn/T/tmpWIutQT/code.py", line 66, in open

    sys.exit("Dataset creation error")

SystemExit: Dataset creation error


Hi, Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this error. Could you provide more context regarding the steps you took, especially how you setup the Export to PowerBI plugin?
Hi, Did you solve your problem?
I'm afraid not. I can't get the export to work. Still getting the same error. Do you need some specific information in order to solve this issue?

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Hi Tycho - can you please open a support ticket and attach the complete job log please?

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