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From a Python notebook, is there a way to list all of the tables contained in a Connection?

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Here is a little script that returns a dictionary of the different connections and a list of datasets contained in those connections. This script uses the DSS Public API (for more in formation on the Public Api see the documentation).

Note that it won't list tables of a connection that are not datasets in DSS. 


from dataikuapi import DSSClient
from collections import defaultdict

api_key = "your-api-key"
host = "DSS-host"

client = DSSClient(host, apiKey)

def get_datasets_per_connection(client):
    datasets_per_connection = defaultdict(list)
    projects = client.list_project_keys()
    def get_connect(data):
        return data.get('params').get('connection')

    for project in projects:
        for dataset in client.get_project(project).list_datasets():
    return datasets_per_connection


Thank you Jean, although I am looking for a solution that does not require the tables to be Datasets in DSS.
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