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I've extracted both GeoPoints from the remote IP recipe and by buiding a GeoPoint from the Lat/Long method.

I save my data in a MySQL based database but whenever I try to plot these datapoints on the scatter map, the scatter map does not recognise these data fields as GeoPoint, even when enforced meaning as GeoPoint is on. They are listed as dimensions. It seems they do not carry over their meaning in MySQL?
Are you using DSS or in-DB chart engine?
Hi Alex,

I am using in-DB. I did try both but neither of the engines recognises the GeoPoint.
I have checked, the geopoint type is not supported for charts in Mysql. If you retry with the geopoint column as a string type in the database and the charts DSS engine, do you have an error? If so could you please add it to this thread?
Hi, were you able to solve your issue? If so, could you please add your solution to this thread in order to help others? Thanks, Alex

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