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I figured out that if a DSS instance is restarted while a python scenario is running, the python script is dropped and replaced by the default python script. It is still possible to retrieve the script using the "history" feature to roll back to a previous version.
In the "History", you mean? The last commit corresponds to the default script.
Indeed, it is called history, sorry for my mistake. Do you have other commits? If so you should be able to revert to a previous revision by clicking on the previous commit.
Yep, that's what I do when it happens. The problem is that the script can be dropped after a reboot of the server without me noticing and the scenario will fail on the next iteration.
Indeed I have tried to reproduce the faulty behavior. In my setup the script did not disappear. Did you mean a reboot of the server or a restart of DSS?
I think it was a server reboot but I can't be 100% affirmative, we didn't keep the logs on that particular occasion. I'll let you know if it happens again, and I'll provide you with the full logs.

If you are able to reproduce the issue following a server reboot, please send us an instance diagnostic. The procedure is highlighted in https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/troubleshooting/diagnosing.html?highlight=instance%20diagnostic#getting-an-instance-diagnosis. You can use a file transfer service such as WeTransfer to include it in this thread.


Alright, it happened this afternoon, so I have a diagnostic ready. Can I send it to you through email?
It seems you had 2 restarts of DSS yesterday:
Is that linked to a manual action by your server admins? You can check for server reboot history using the shell command "last reboot | less"
Apparently, these are manual restart of DSS that are not linked to a server reboot. I've restarted DSS manually using ("dss restart, then "dss stop" and "dss start" since the former didn't work) in the morning. I might have noticed the problem with the scenario later in the afternoon.
Thanks, I will investigate further with our R&D team.

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