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In my python receipt, I would like to write in my PostreSQL database (with PostGis extension) data with a geometry type. Therefore, I declared a schema and created my table with this specific schema 


schema = [{"name": 'id', "type": 'int'}, {"name": 'value', "type": 'string'}, {"name": 'the_geom', "type": 'geometry'}]

test_schema = dataiku.Dataset("test_schema")
test_schema.write_schema(schema, dropAndCreate=True)

with test_schema.get_writer() as writer:

However there's no way "Dataiku" recognizes any geometry type I tried. Is it possible to have the list of types that Dataiku can handle?


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At the moment, it's unfortunately not possible to directly write Postgis types directly from Python. What we would recommend is to write the WKT as a string column, and then use a SQL Script recipe to copy it into a geometry column.

Adding real support for Postgis is on our roadmap, but we do not yet have an ETA for this.
Ok, thank you for your anwser
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