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I opened the bash shell on my Windows 10 Linux instance (WSL) on my laptop. I typed the command:

./dss/bin/dss start

I got an error:

Error: Another program is already listening on a port that one of our HTTP servers is configured to use.  Shut this program down first before starting supervisord.

How do I see the other program and what is it? How do I shut it down?
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In your specific case, the problem probably comes from the fact that the backend is already running, as per the previous question you submitted minutes before, even though the script is not able to tell if the supervisor is running or not. Did you try to connect to the backend ? At any rate, you can search for the existing programs with the `ps -ax`command and stop them with the `kill`command
Can you please tell me how to connect to the backend? Or what the backend is? Thanks.
Backend is a process used by Dataiku to run. Here it seems this process is still running. You can search for it using the 'ps -ax' command and then use the command 'kill' on the pid of the Dataiku backend.
Hi, Did you manage to stop the backend process?
I managed to stop the process. But so far I have not been able to run  dataiku even once. I keep getting errors. This release 4.3.3 is either not stable or the whole thing is not properly engineered.

Finally my Linux Ubuntu instance fatally died and now I get an error in Windows saying the Ubuntu instance is not found. Thanks Dataiku!

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We do not have enough information on the problem (copies of error messages and diagnosis would be helpful). From the last comment you posted, it seems that the behaviour is at the machine level, so linked to Windows WSL.

Our software is designed to run on Linux x86-64 machines, as stated in our requirements: While you may be able to run with Windows WSL with some work, it is not a setup we officially support today.

For an easier trial of our software, would you have a Linux server available in your organization (not WSL)? Else, we offer cloud trial instances for 2-week testing which do not require any installation on your side:

Hope it helps,

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