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I tried to upload a csv file (43gb) and it stopped after a few second, then it started to load again from the beginning a couple of times and then, the uploading file disappears.

I use a VMbox on windows 7 so I uninstall and re-install VMBox and dss in another hard drive (with 123Gb of free space).
Now, it uploads the file up to 1/3 of the size and then it stops.

Is there any way that I could upload the file ?

Ps: Concerning the prerequisites, my computer has 8 Gb RAM, a 64 Bit OS and the lastest version of VirtualBox

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At the moment, the maximum size for uploaded files is 10 GB. We strongly recommend that you push the file directly to the virtual machine and then use a "Server filesystem" kind of dataset
Ok, I read that there was no size limit for uploaded files.
How can I push my file directly to the virtual machine ?

Is there any tutorial or guidelines to do it correctly ?
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