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I have a first dataset with no column names (it appears col_0, Col_1) and a text file "dictionary" in which I have the names of the columns.

Is it possible to apply all these names of columns with the UI of DSS? If not, what is the simpliest way?


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Since the last version (2.1) there is an API to programmaticaly do many things, including changing the schema:
It is a REST API with simple authentication, and a Python client is provided.

Specifically, to change the schema, the method are documented here:

Thus, one option would be to write a small python script that read the current schema and the dictionary, then uploads the new schema.


Hope this helps,

Jean-Baptiste Rouquier

Or, in a Python recipe, rename the columns with pandas (and write the result to a new dataset). That could be faster.
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Best is often to have the column names in the source file. If you can open it in a spreadsheet, just insert a new line at the top and paste the column names there ;-)
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