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Looking for a way to capture Python logging output from a recipe in a file. I explored directing output to a file in a managed folder but writing to a managed folder requires use of the API. Any other ideas?

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If your managed folder is on a "Local filesystem" connection, you can write directly in it.

* First, get the base path of the managed folder with dataiku.Folder("xxxxxx").get_path()
* Then you can write into it using the regular Python file API

So you can setup the logging module to log to a file whose path you  have computed first from get_path()

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Thanks Clement!

This worked as advertised for a recipe that already had a managed folder as an output but wanted to share some additional detail about other situations that may be useful to others.

We are running our instance in multi-user-security mode and in this case write access on a managed folder is only granted when said managed folder is defined as output of the recipe. So the above situation worked fine. For other Python recipes however, a new managed folder must be created for each to store the output of the Python recipe.
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