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I have a fairly small data set where I'm trying to use RF, LR, and XGB algos to predict a labeled classification column.  Other features in CSV are mostly numberical, decimal, integer, and 2 strings.  Error on training in preprocessing is..

[2018/04/06-21:23:53.150] [MRT-416] [ERROR] [dku.analysis.prediction] - Processing failed com.dataiku.dip.io.SocketBlockLinkKernelException: Failed to train : <type 'exceptions.IndexError'> : index 64 is out of bounds for axis 1 with size 64 at com.dataiku.dip.io.SocketBlockLinkInteraction.throwExceptionFromPython(SocketBlockLinkInteraction.java:296) at com.dataiku.dip.io.SocketBlockLinkInteraction$AsyncResult.checkException(SocketBlockLinkInteraction.java:213) at com.dataiku.dip.io.SocketBlockLinkInteraction$AsyncResult.get(SocketBlockLinkInteraction.java:188) at com.dataiku.dip.io.SingleCommandKernelLink$1.call(SingleCommandKernelLink.java:208) at com.dataiku.dip.analysis.ml.prediction.PredictionTrainAdditionalThread.process(PredictionTrainAdditionalThread.java:92) at com.dataiku.dip.analysis.ml.shared.PRNSTrainThread.run(PRNSTrainThread.java:94)
Could you please add the following details to your post: DSS version, number of rows of the dataset, crossvalidation settings?
Hi, Have you managed to solve your issue?
Hi Benjamin, I assume you have solved your issue? If so, I will close this thread.

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