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System os: Windows 7 Enterprise

I'm trying to setup a new code environment in DSS that uses Python 3.6 and was getting this error code:

"The path python3.6 (from --python=python3.6) does not exist"

Working with virtual machines is very new to me but I'm assuming this is because the the VirtualBox I have DSS setup on can't access the Anaconda installation on my regular machine?  Maybe a stupid question but how do I install Anaconda on the VirtualBox so I can have access to Python 3 and the other packages Anaconda comes builtin with?


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Indeed virtual machine are by design isolated from the host system. So it cannot access the Anaconda installed on your host (local) machine. Hence, you need to install Anaconda inside the virtual machine.

To do so, you need to:

1. Get the Linux shell from the virtual machine, either using VirtualBox (simpler) or through SSH

2. Use this Linux shell to install Anaconda following their documentation:

Having said that, Anaconda is not a requirement for Dataiku DSS to run Python code. We ship Python 2.7 with our software (no need for you to do anything) so Anaconda is completely optional. For Python 3, you can also install it without Anaconda if you prefer.


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