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Ive followed Adriens advise and added \b([A-Z]\.)(?=[A-Z]\b) and $1 but it does not seem to work.

The second question is to remove data that occurs in paranthesis at the end. For example

AIRGUARD ASIA SDN BHD (429729-V) to AIRGUARD ASIA SDN BHD by using \(.*\)$ works if there are no other brackets but if the data is like this: AIWA ELECTRONICS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD (182191-W), using \(.*\)$ returns AIWA ELECTRONICS, but what I actually want is AIWA ELECTRONICS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD

thanks in advance

Did you make sure to add a space after your $1 in the replace field ?
youre right, I missed the space after $1 - thanks. Can you take a look at the second part of the question about removing the data in brackets that appears after the company name. Thanks

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This Answers website is dedicated to generic questions about Dataiku DSS. For specific usage questions, please use intercom (the bottom-right chat on the website).

noted with thanks.
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