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I am looking for a solution on how i can export data that i filtered and so on in Dataiku to the .QVX format to then load this file into Qlikview. I am not going to just push it into a SQL database because i already have a script running that can read those QVX files.

thx in advance
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Hi Liam,

For exporting data to a proprietary format, we advise developing a dedicated plugin. Plugins are a way to extend Dataiku DSS with new capabilities by packaging custom code. You can have a look at our learn section on plugins: https://www.dataiku.com/learn/guide/code/plugins/writing-your-first-dss-plugin.html

For an example of how to write a plugin to export data to a new format, you can have a look at our public Tableau plugin: https://github.com/dataiku/dataiku-contrib/tree/master/tableau-export-v2/. We would be very happy to have you contribute a new Qlik plugin to our public plugin store: https://github.com/dataiku/dataiku-contrib#contributing


Hi Alex

Will have a look at it once i am there.
Thanks for the information.
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