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Dear all,

Curently I have an issue with the function of automatique renewal.

I used your advices how to make it (go to data set => status => Edit et etc) and now I just saw that it is not working. The problem is that once i turn the scenario the base is changing. Means that when I open my file I see the number 145, but once I go into details the number of records is still old one (lets say 132). If I click to refresh count of records in details it is still 132. It is not the first time that I am facing this problem. Could you please tell me is it comming from my mistake or it is the problem with the program?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, Would you mind adding the screenshots showing the full screens where the two numbers are different (132 and 145)? Have you tried refreshing your browser page, does it change anything?
Thank you for your answer. I will try to find the example, unfortunately i renew the data set and foiund the solution for this. I turn off in the parameters the automatic renewal, saved it, and turn it on again. Only this helped me to get the real numbers. Refreshing the browser doesn’t work too, i am using Chrome as the the browser if it makes sense.
Thank yoy
Okey, I believe that you were looking for the update of the information since the "Auto compute after build". I believe it does not compute automatically every time you have new data, you need to click always on the "compute" button every time the information is updated. At least it has always been for me, I am not sure if for the "checks" is different but for the metrics I have had this same issue.

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Unfortunately, I do not reproduce this on DSS 4.1.5 for any:

- metrics with Auto compute after build activated

- checks with Run after build (Launch computation after each build) activated

Could you share a sample project where you reproduce this faulty behavior?

ADDITION: Maybe you are referring to a situation where the dataset is not built from DSS, but the underlying data changes? In this cases, the behavior is expected. In this case, you will need a manual action to recompute metrics and checks; or to create a scenario to automate the re-computation.

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I am going to show it to you, I found one example. I didnt find the way how to upload the screen shots, so I am going to do it in the answer to my question
We will  need a project export and a detailed step by step guide to what you did in order to reproduce and identify the root cause. You can write me to [email protected]
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