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Hello all!

Do you have any suggestion to active Dataiku without internet? I try to search but it seem be no solution. :(

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This answer might help you: https://answers.dataiku.com/1170/new-installation-login-w-o-internet?show=1184#a1184

You can install Dataiku DSS without internet. But, to activate the Free Edition, your browser needs to have access to internet. The Enterprise Edition (for our customers) does not require internet at all.
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hmmm, it means there is no way to active free edition without Internet? Poor me :( My server does not have internet :(
@jereze : Could you please help me more detail about point "your browser needs to have access to internet".
Now I would like to install DATAIKU in server A.
In server B with internet connection, I access DATAIKU in brower of server B, is it good to active ?
You can install Dataiku DSS on a server without internet, you access to the instance via your browser with http://local_ip:optional_port, but your browser (on your laptop/computer) must have access to internet for the activation.
It is very clear now. Thank you!
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