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Is it possible to make an interactive chart in DSS chart's section. By interactive chart, I mean a chart that changes according to user selection ?

Thank you.

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It mainly depends on the level of interaction you are looking for.

DSS charts can be animated along a dimension, as well as split into subcharts since the release of version 4.1.

You can also add filters to your charts, which can be interacted with.


If you need more advanced interactions, you will need to create a webapp. HTML webapps are possible in DSS, version 4.1 introduces Bokeh and Shiny webapps. Some templates are included that will help you get started with creating widgets in those libraries.

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Okay, thank you.

But could the filters on my chart are accessible if my chart is on a dashboard ?
Yes but only once you open the insight (the dashboard doesn't show the controls, the full screen insight does), no changes to the filter will be saved.
Very well :)
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