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I cant connect to DSS because DSS fails to start on my virtual box.

the status when executing  "./bin/dss status" seems to be pretty bad for the backend...

backend  FATAL  Exited too quickly (porcess log may have details)

Can you help on this please?

I ve gote the logs if needed
Can you have a look at the run/backend.log file ? It will contain more information.
i v got only a screenshot of logs.
Where can i give it to you?
You can use a file sharing service like WeTransfer
here you'll find  the log:

thanks for helping

do you have any feedback to share please?

Because i can't access my platform with all my insights  anymore..big issue for a presentation tomorow!

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It looks like some internal databases are corrupted, possibly because of a forceful shutdown of the VM.

The following procedure is a bit brutal but will give you back all projects and config (it will lose the history of jobs):

* Stop DSS
* Move away the "databases" folder in the DSS data directory (rename it to databases.old for example)
* Start DSS again
I worked well!

Thank you for you help
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