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yesterday I downloaded an upgrade for firefox and it has been 24 hours where i cannot see the flow on it, I restarted my computer, firefox done several different things and nothing, could it be a html glitch? I had to use internet explorer for a while and today ended up downloading chrome. here is the foto:

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We don't reproduce this on the latest Firefox version, at least on MacOS
Okey, thanks for the quick answer Clément. I will try to reinstall ff again, must be something with my machine.
Clément, I am with a Friend at work who got the same glitch in linux firefox he solved it only by putting the tag view or changing the %view but cannot see it on the default view at 100% I am not sure if it is a small bug or something but seems like something with firefox.

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We managed to reproduce this issue, it will be fixed in our next release.

This only happens on some flows with the latest version of Firefox (55+), a temporary fix is to resize your browser (forcing a redraw of the flow).
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