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I have a query that takes in a file path as parameter. The file is in a managed folder of Dataiku and the path has been verified to be correct. Proper permissions have also been set for the file. Is calling an SQL query from dataiku similar to making a client call from SQL IDE's or is it more similar to logging into the server machine and the making an SQL query there.


Many thanks for your response

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SQL in DSS uses JDBC connections, so it is similar to making a client call from SQL IDE
Thanks for the prompt reply,  Clément! I have some more questions, though.

Correct me if I am wrong that the SQL query, made from executor.query_to_df, from a Python plugin is streamed to a DSS engine which is within the machine where Dataiku is installed.  This engine is the one that transfers the query to the database server connected via JDBC. If correct, how do I log on to this DSS engine.?This is so I can check if I have access to a file in a managed folder from the DSS engine. Thank you.
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