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Hello lately I have been trying to exploit every feature of DSS and I have had some issues with the dashboard, sometimes the graphs appear and sometimes do not. Is this some king of knowable bug? I am using a 16 gb ram 500 gb hdd computer with ubuntu 16.04. (images bellow):

how it should be:

How it is sometimes seen (bug):

What browser do you use? Does it go away on refresh? On browser resize?
I am using Firefox, it does go away on both refresh and resize.
What version of DSS is this? Some occurrences of this issue were fixed in 4.0.5.
I had 4.04, I saw the 5th that the version 4.0.5 had been released. Also I downloaded Chrome as it seemed as a suggestion and it seemed to have worked.
Thanks cperdigou :D

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Summing up the exchange in comments:

Known problem on Firefox, should be fixed in 4.0.5.

No issue on Chrome.
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