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I have created a neural net model in Dataiku. I would like to export the weights to be used in another application.

we have a already a production application training the model with R, exporting the weigths and predicting based on those weights within another application.

I am evaluating whether Dataiku is suitable for our purposes since the application might have a big increase in size and I would like to evaluate more productionable and performing tools like Dataiku looks like to be.

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The best way to expose a Dataiku model for production is through the DSS API node: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/apinode/std_model.html

Exporting PMML from Dataiku is not currently supported.
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Exporting the weights can be done only by coding a little bit, so Dataiku DSS wouldn't accelerate this task for you

However, your objective seems to be to score using that same model from within another application. If you don't require packaging the weights in that application (i.e. it is not offline), you could use a scoring node, which was created exactly for that usage.

Your external application will just have to query the scoring node API (over the internet, or local network if being online is an issue).

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