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I have trouble with the visual presentation in the "prepare" view. The problem is that the name of the current dataset is displayed with very large characters, hiding other elements (besides being unreadable), and most importantly, it makes it impossible to change the sample size - with the result that some operations cannot be previewed due to lack of memory, and this in turn makes it impossible to root out errors... I attach a screen clip of how it looks; if I attempt to press "Configure sample", the only thing I get is the link to the dataset, which is not very useful.


Until this is resolved, is there any other way I can change the sample size for a dataset? I cannot seem to find any "property" or other setting anywhere.


What is the size of your browser?
Did you try to hard refresh? control(or cmd)+shift+R
I am running my display in portrait mode, so the horizontal size of the browser window (Chrome) is about 1050 pixels (1080 in total, minus some margins). Hard refresh does not change anything - and this error has always been present when I run it like this.
Ok thanks for the info, see my answer below as a workaround to access sample settings.

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Your browser size is probably a bit too small for Dataiku DSS to feel at ease, hence some elements wrap around :/

As an alternative to access the sample settings you can use the left drawer:



To edit the sample size in a preparation script, you can click on design sample, hopefully this is not blocked in your view.

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Thanks a lot, that was what I needed!
Actually, that was not the help I needed, because when I am editing a script, the sample size setting is not available in the drawer.

What I am trying to do: I have a dataset with one column of JSON data, where I want to expand the different items in the JSON data into separate rows. However, when I try to apply the "fold array" operation, dataIku runs out of memory before the sample is processed - and when editing the script, I cannot change the sample size!

While I can run the script anyway, it then produces tons of errors. Without a way to change the sample size,  I cannot find out what is wrong in the preview.

BTW, the same operation works fine on a different data set from the same source - the only difference is that now (when it don't work), the origin of the data set comes from a set of partitioned files, while when it worked, the data set was from just a single file from the same set.
Edited above answer, hope it helps.
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