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When creating a GeoPoint from 2 columns LAT/LONG, there is no option to choose the coordinate system. I have a dataset with LAT/LONG in Lambert-93 coordinate system (French geographical standard). But creating a GeoPoint from these columns results in null values.

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The "Create Geopoint" processor indeed only accepts "real" latitude and longitude, in degrees (in other words, in WGS84 / EPSG 4326 coordinates).

However, a Geopoint is just a string, so you can easily do what you want by using a formula to concatenate the columns as desired

'POINT(' + lon + ',' + lat + ')'  

(where "lon" and "lat" are the names of your input columns)
I tried using your formula, it's generates the following
and when running  "change CRS", I end up with
 Error while running a script step
Expected number but found ','
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