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hello I am doing case 4 and am having problems creating the partition, I copied the code as is in the page (changing the ID for the folder) and receive this error: Job failed : Error in Python process: <type 'exceptions.Exception'>: An error occurred during dataset write (RrKXjRp404): IllegalArgumentException: File path pattern is not defined.

the odd thing is that if I do not partition it I do not get an error, but if I do and put it in a range of dates that are in the csv files I do get errors. have you got any answer for this?

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For some reason, the "File path pattern" setting of your partitioned output dataset is not filled. You can set it in the Settings > Partitioning tab. It is a pattern which defines how files are arranged in the partitioning columns. It should generally end with "/.*"

For example, if you have one "time" partition and one "country" partition, you might have as pattern: /%Y/%m/%d/%{country}/.*
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