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Right now I have both homebrew and anaconda on my mac.  I've got a sense that they are not playing so well with one another.  

I installed homebrew a while ago, before I was working with ML and Data Science.  

When I started to learn Data Science I discovered that I wanted to learn Python so I installed Anaconda. I did that because it seemed like a reasonable set of tools to get going with python and try to manage all of the library craziness that come with Python and it's versions.

Now I'm beginning to see conflicts.  I was interested in installing PostgreSQL.  The instructions I found for that install suggested the use of homebrew.  However, homebrew is complaining about the fact I installed Anaconda.

So what are folks here doing with package management for data science on a mac. 

  • Homebrew
  • Anaconda
  • Both (If so how do you get them to play nicely.)
  • Nothing
  • Something else (If so what)


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The real question is which way to do the Postgresql install.  Looks like I can do it from either system.

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On Mac, if you are looking for an easy way to install PostgreSQL, PostgresApp would be a good starting point: https://postgresapp.com/

Installing it from Homebrew is fine too. It's not incompatible with Anaconda per se, but if you use Anaconda Python, you should just make sure not to all install Python from Homebrew.
Thanks for this answer.
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